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We protect Made in Italy with Blockchain.

Food traceability with Blockchain: a guarantee of QualitySafety

In an era where the quality and safety of agri-food products are fundamental, blockchain technology is an innovative solution to monitor the entire food supply chain and combat Italian Sounding.

Discover how blockchain ensures transparency and traceability, protecting Italian businesses and end consumers

Codice Blockchain

The Power and Security of Blockchain Technology in Food Traceability.

Blockchain technology offers numerous advantages in food traceability, allowing you to track the entire journey from raw material to shelf-ready product. Thanks to its immutability, the information recorded on the blockchain is secure over time and fully digitized, providing greater control to relevant authorities and reassuring the end customer about the quality and commitment behind each product.

  • Security and Immutability of Information.

  • Complete Digitization of Data.

  • Transparency for the Consumer

  • Ability to Verify the Product Quality.

Combating Italian Sounding

Italian Sounding represents a threat to the Italian agri-food industry, damaging the economy and compromising the quality and safety of products. To counter this phenomenon, it is possible to adopt blockchain technology solutions to allow businesses and consumers to precisely track the food production process

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